Friday, December 14, 2012

Multiple choice Tess(t)

 In the spirit of my final today, I present a multiple choice Tess(t)!

From the images above, please choose the correct answer from below.  However, you may have misread this question and the object may to be to chose the INcorrect answer.  It's unclear. 

Tess in the above images is saying:

a. Put a bow on the puppy before giving it to the kids for Xmas

b. Brittany's don't wear clothes OR bows

c. There better be treats in this for me

d. Don't fool yourself.  I'm not smiling.  It's an involuntary zygomaticus m. reaction to my stress panting.

e. Don't think you can make up for ignoring me this week in favor of Connor by putting a bow on me to feel special

f. Just because it took me 4 days to realize there was a bird in the house doesn't make me any less of a bird dog.

g.  At least I'm not wearing the sleigh bells today.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty sure the correct answer is:
    H. None of the stuff I'm wearing is nearly as humiliating as the stuff Aarene's goats have to wear for the holidays.