Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A post office suprise

I went to the post office this afternoon and my sister had sent along my birthday present (frogg toggs) and had included a little something for Tess too!

To her credit, she did not immediately rip it off or go into immediate depression.

Remember last year? Was there ever a more depressed puppy?

In preperation to becoming the green witch of the Wizard of Oz!

So....if you were ever curious what a "stressed" dog looked like.....here's an example!  Obedient....Yes.  About to explode her mind from puppy stress?  Probably.  

 BTW - this is EXACTLY the dog I had when I tried to do agility with her, which is why we stopped. More on that later. 

Sensing a chance to please the human and perhaps earn a cookie AND facilitate the removal of costume, Tess gives her best shot of "is this a cute enough pose that we can stop now?"

 I removed my horns....can you please undo the rest of it?

Thank you Loreleigh for the birthday surprise and some afternoon entertainment :).