Friday, September 5, 2014

Can we?

I've successfully dragged myself out of bed several times over the last couple of weeks early enough for either a run or a pony ride. Pony rides usually win because in my current rotation I have a long enough lunch I can run at school.

This is very disappointing to Tess because being my clinical year in vet school, she no longer goes to school with me on a regular basis.  

So, this morning I chose the running shoes over riding boots and Tess was invited along.

I needed some pics for an upcoming review on the orange mud pack so I decided some pre-run pics were in order.

This is my morning face before the trifecta of coffee, run, or shower.
Tess did not understand this preoccupation with pictures.

Is something wrong? lick lick lick......

Soon the strain of too much delay before the run took it's toll.....

Rapidly approaching critical time where either coffee or run MUST take place....

...and we've reached the breaking point. CRAZY EYES

I'm doing a short taper for a marathon on Sunday, which isn't a goal race but a training run for my mid October 50 miler. I've been a little disappointed how beat up my feet and legs have felt during this week while tapering and today was the last short easy run I'll do. The plan was to do it in my cushy shoes (Lone Peak Altra 1.5's) which feel good at the end of long runs but make me feel slow and sluggish on "regular" runs so I tend to not put the miles in them I should during training.

Love that I have this area for running less than a quarter mile from my house
Tess was (predictably) behaving as if the trail run was the best thing that was going to happen to her all day and I was trying to reassure myself that I *always* second guess my taper and to obsess over feet or legs was not productive.

As usual, Tess was the one that saved the run.

First, she reminded me that I had a phone. And it's primary function on a TAPER run should be to TAKE PICTURES.

Not worry about how pauses and distractions would result in a really slow recorded pace and reduce mileage on the app.....

Second, she asked to go down to the river. 

Our normal loop has river access right off the trail and doesn't require us to go out of our way.  However, that trail is currently impacted by the levee construction so I've been choosing alternate trails where river access isn't as convenient.

Tess is usually happy to go down whatever trail, but today she stood at an intersection of a river turn off and very plainly asked "this morning can we go down to the river?"

So I made a decision. That today was a perfect day to detour to the river. Because of all days, 2 days prior to a marathon is NOT a time to worry about pace or mileage.

So I said yes.

Tess couldn't believe it.

She ran back and checked in with me several times to make sure I was still heading down the river trail.

And if there was time to go down to the river and enjoy the sunrise, there was time for more pictures.

An "eh" run turned into a great run, thanks to Tess.