Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Way #389 Tess has got my number

I've been running with the stroller and if I'm perfectly honest running, with the dog AND the stroller is a bit of a hassle. So when I headed out this morning to do hill repeats with the stroller AND it was windy I had every intention of leaving Tess behind. 

That is until she started screaming at the top of her bloody lungs indicating that she absolutely knew I was going out for a run and she was being left behind. We are in the process of moving and yes, the poor dogs are getting ignored more then usual, which she long as she gets to go running. Tess absolutely lives for runs. 

A fact I can ignore when she remains obediently quiet as I make my ex

So as a reward for her atrocious behavior (dogs should be seen not heard) she went with me. 

Tess 1
Mel 0