Friday, April 12, 2013

Tess speaks

Tess, being ever the good communicator of what she wants, made it clear yesterday that she has added to her "I live for" list "trail rides with Farley". 

Car rides are on this list. Sometimes, convinced she's having too much fun playing with the other dogs and running around the ranch, I decide to leave her at home.  As I drive down the road I'm followed by little puppy cries and yips......

Apparently running is even more desirable than car rides --> put on my running shoes and dash out to the car to grab my watch and I can hear Tess yodeling from the house, as she's positive I've gone running without her.

The biggest reaction yet was yesterday riding past the car where I had stowed her, on my way to a trail ride on Farley. 

Tess, seeing me on horse back and realizing she was going to be left behind, turned into "exploded puppy".  She ended up crawling into the rear window section of sedan yodeling and crying while I disappeared from sight into the orchard.  I have NEVER seen that reaction from her!!!!  I think she likes our conditioning rides....... :)

Tess is not a dog that is normally prone to hysterics when I disappear out of sight.  She's independent, confident and is not the least bit anxious about being separated from me.  She regularly gets left in cars and crates or tied to lamp posts while I do whatever task needs to get done.

She sighs, and then takes a nap.  Especially in the car or crate, she's usually completely asleep before I'm even 5 feet away.

In fact, she's so chill about being left that I sometimes wonder whether she even cares.......that's why it's nice to have that confirmation that I'm doing activities with her that she enjoys and wants to do. Like Trail Rides.

Tess reminds me that I *owe* her a trail ride.....and that a run this afternoon might be sufficient as long as it is long and fast enough......