About Tess

Tess was born in March 2011 and is a Brittany.  The runt of 8 littermates, she came out of the womb under-baked - that is, she is the "wrong" color.

She was intended as my companion as I went through vet school and conditioned my endurance horse, and I had vague notions I might like to try agility someday.

At 6 months of age, that "some day" came, and with the help of some very talented classmates, I transitioned her training from a focus of "be a good canine citizen", to foundation work specifically for agility. She did well with the mechanics of agility training but after a year it was obvious it was not her passion. She enjoyed learning the new "tricks" and showing off...but she did not enjoy the amount of micro-managing, intense control, and lack of freedom inherent in the sport of agility. It wasn't fun for her. What she really loved was being my companion on long rides and runs which gave her the freedom to run fast and far, and obedience was rewarded by yet more freedom. I wrote a post about my revelation here. 

I don't claim to have any special ability or talent for training.  Tess is my first dog and my first puppy that I could call my own. What I do have is a need for knowledge and a drive for learning.  I'm curious and motivated and Tess is the same.  Please read and offer advice and comments - we will be starting from the beginning.

Tess makes regular appearances on Mel's Other Blog about endurance too!

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