Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Tess is my little shadow.

Don't believe me, take a look at my HORSE blog and see how many pictures she manages to cram herself into.

Still not convinced? 

Trying to showing off my vaccuming skillz?

Tess is there.

 She's not the only culprit. Showing off my new pack, Harley decided to show off her bombing skillz.

 It's not like Tess is in danger of lacking for pictures.

Sometimes we take more pictures in "the tree".

 We take bad selfies
And good selfies

We still take group pictures
(and nope - still haven't gotten that perfect picture where me, the horse, the dog, AND the camera are behaving themselves)

And yes, she still goes running and riding with me and plays in the river.

And sometimes I still have to embarass her and make her do something like wear Christmas bells.

We are coming up on Tess's 3 year birthday, which according to this chart makes her the same age I am.

And since I still feel young and curious and active, it's no mystery to me why Tess feels the same.