Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Before and After

I'm a sucker for those photo spreads that show young pets with their favorite toys or comfort spots, and a recreation of the photo years later. 

I saw this and knew I had to do my own with Tess. There were a couple of excellent candidates but I went with the easiest one being a little short on energy and time. 

The color version reminded me that Tess used to have green eyes, that gradually morphed into yellow, and now a true brown.

Our activities have been much more sedate of late, out of necessity for my increasingly gravid condition. The 4 1/2 year old Brittany Dog is handling it remarkably well but I know we are both looking forward to resuming a more active lifestyle in a few short months. 

Tess is thoroughly convinced that I am permanently broken and runs will never happen again. And so, has been testing out the virtues of a couch potato life. It does not agree with her. 

"I don't see the attraction..."