Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dog bite prevention week is coming up!!!!!  In that theme, I have several recommended links. 

Those of you on facebook saw me post this earlier this week

And here's an excellent post on dogs and children.


I've never had a serious bite.  Most of it is psychological fear thinking about GETTING bit.  I don't have a tragic story to share or even a particularly amusing anecedote.  I just absolute hate the idea of getting bit by a dog (or a parrot. And probably reptiles.  I'm working an exotics rotation tomorrow so I'll let you know).

I'm not a dog person, yet I have a dog I love, so I'm sensitive that not everyone welcomes my dog in their space (whether from fear, personal preference etc.).  Tess is unlikely to bite anyone EVER, but I still do games and "tricks" and watch her carefully in public to protect her and people who might want to pet her.  Any dog can bite under the right circumstances. 

I carefully watch dogs in public, especially if the owner seems especially unaware and the dog is stressed or showing anxiety, or engaging in behaviors that signal a dog that isn't under control, like straining against the leash.  Yes, it might be because they are "just so friendly and just want to stay hi....." but an over excited dog straining against the leash shows a lack of control and head on greetings on a tight leash, whether dog-dog or dog-human is asking for trouble.  :). 

Be safe, be aware, and please share your favorite story, picture, or post for bite week.