Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dear Tess

Dear Tess.

Just because you appear to have opposable thumbs does not mean you get to use them to gain you life rewards. Just because you CAN doesn't make it acceptable, even if you think the benefit risk ratio is stacked in your favor.

Sincerely, Mel



I've been pretending not to notice your predilection to for sleeping next to OTHER people's feet, even with your lousy excuse of being able to better see me watch me stare at me creepily...but today, when I found you under my husband's desk even as I was working at mine I found myself at a loss for words. REALLY??? Is it THAT hard to sometimes act like you like me for more than cookies and lifting up the toilet seat for you to drink out of your preferred water bowl?



Matt agrees that it's scary creepy how you stare at me from across the room. Just come sleep at my feet and under my desk please.