Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tess pics!

FYI  - these are all pre-spay, a least a couple weeks old!

Tess trying to get my attention while studying

Tess at the hotel room in Reno at the AERC convention - off duty!


  1. It's like she has earmuffs. Her ear fuzz just slays me, every time.

    (Cers is snoozing on the end of the couch that Tess polluted, btw. I knew she'd get over it.)

  2. I clipped it off once with thinning shears by accident. She looked less....expressive :). I'm so getting her a pair of doggles.....then she can have ear fluff with doggles!

  3. BTW - you officially torture animals - not washing her couch cover? How COULD you! Making her accept foreign dog slobber? *shakes head*