Friday, March 23, 2012

Literature update (and a Tess update)

In preparation for an upcoming post on purebreds, I've added some papers to the Mendeley Journal Club group (see side bar) on mortality in dogs based on size and breed.

As a follow up from the "spay" post, I've added a couple papers on pain in animals.  Update on Tess - she's doing well.  Still uncomfortable this morning so I popped her a tab of Deramaxx (spelling?) which is basically a NSAID (works similarly to ibuprofen in humans) and it seemed to help a LOT.  The plan is to give her Deramaxx daily until she doesn't show any sign of pain, I don't think she needs any more Tramadol.  Pain is a HUGE quality of life issue for me when it comes to animals and is one reason I get the CBC blood work done pre surgery.  Yes, it will reassure me that she is fit for surgery - but it also gives me the peace of mind that her organs such as kidneys and liver are functioning and can handle pain medication like NSAIDs post surgery if they are needed.

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