Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Showoff! - The Pout

I present to you.....

*drum roll*

The first *completed behavior that I taught by clicker training.  In fact, it's the first "new" thing she's learned since all that sit, down, come, and stay stuff back in those puppyhood days.

*I'm defining "completed" as a new behavior that I either molded or captured, and then named, and she responds to the command successfully when I'm showing her off to strangers.  

Puppyhood lament tangent - so hard to believe she's 7 months - I looked down one day and saw a lanky teenager.  Where did the puppy go that I could scoop up and cuddle in one hand? With a short cute nose and big ears that dragged in her food dish? 


Anywhoo - I showed her off the health center on campus and she performed the pout like a charm.  I'm ready to mark this trick as showoff ready! 

Of course, when I tried to get a pretty picture on the lawn tonight, she gave me this:

Froggy - a behavior that we are currently capturing but I'm not even CLOSE to being able to put in showoff category yet!

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