Friday, October 24, 2014

For Sale

Tess: Cute puppies in for-sale ads sell tack!

Mel: Puppies only serve as reminders to the potential buyer that items potentially have non-equine hair on them and chew marks.

Tess: Oh. Well. I think this particular item would make an excellent dog bed. It's white like me AND has fleece. 

Mel: This chunk of fiber and fleece cost twice as much as your dog bed.

Tess: Well, I'll just sit here next to it so you can contemplate your decision.

Mel: Go Away!

Tess: Isn't the name of this blog "say YES to me". You've been saying "no" an awful lot...

Mel: I'm about to post this picture and not elaborate which furry white thing is for sale.

Tess: I've suddenly remembered pressing duties elsewhere....


(Less than 12 hours later)

Mel: So...the pad sold. To a face book friend that apparently hadn't seen my gorgeous flyer which was sprinkled liberally over the web. But saw this post.

Tess: Told you so. Cuteness sells tack!

Mel: I'm pretty sure good prices sell tack.

Tess: You're welcome.

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