Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kong Stuffers

I use a lot of kongs and food toys to keep my busy not-so-much-a-puppy-any-more's mind engaged, and distracted from her neferious plan of world domination.  Or at least the "kingdom of bird" domination. 

As both a reminder to myself AND to provide ideas to others, I'm going to post stuffer recipies that I was really happy with. 

**Please note that they worked for my dog and me, but may not work for your dog.  I'm lucky to have a dog with a stomach made of iron.  Thus diarrhea and vomiting are unlikely no matter what crazy stuff I throw at her, and yes, I do feed my dog "people food".  Portion control is key, use common sense of dogs condition and activity level when choosing your food stuffs.  Your mileage may vary. 

General guidelines:
I like freezing the whole kong after stuffing it, so most of the recipes are frozen --> although they don't have to be.  It just makes them last just a little bit longer....while still making it possible for the dog to the food if they work at it, because it gets easier as it melts. 

Another option to make up "discs" of soft food that freezes hard that can be forced into the mouth of the kong.  This is a good option if I want to feed less in a kong, BUT still don't want it to be too easy to get the food out, at least in the beginning.

2-3 layers is good for stuffing. 

Specific stuffs:
-2 of any of the following: cottage cheese or yogurt (I like plain), rice, applesauce (non-sweetened).

-Canned food with chunks of meat in a "gravy" (like Taste of the Wild).  Smear peanut butter on the small hole.  Loosely fill the kong with the chunks of meat and the drippings, fill with water and freeze solid (1-2 days).  Meat chunks are easier to get out, but must work thorugh the gravy flavored ice.  This recipe lasted HOURS and she didn't get frustrated with it and give up. 

-Chunky cut up fruits and veggies like apples, carrots, bananas.  A bit of peanut butter smeared on the inside of the kong and across small hole.  Fill with water and freeze.  Or mix in yogart/canned food and freeze. 

As I come across other combinations that I like, I will post!

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