Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Online Challenge

Here's a fun online challenge if you are out of ideas of what to teach your dog next!

Join the facebook group here (if you have trouble, email me with your name and I will invite you from the facebook page), and then take a look at the challenges set on the youtube channel.

Read the details on facebook, but in a nutshell it looks like you chose a challenge and then post a video response of your dog doing then trick.  You can also "set" a challenge by emailing a video to the event organizer (see the facebook page).  The goal is to teach your dog as many tricks as possible in a year (cut off is April 30, 2013).  Please note the focus is teaching your dog to do these tricks using POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. 

I suppose technically there are points and such for setting challenges and completing challenges, but even as competitive as I am --> I'm just looking forward to some inspiration over the next year.

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