Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Matt greeted me with a big red See's candy heart and a box of truffles.

Tess greeted me with the remains of the red velvet cupcake she snagged off the counter.

Guess which present I liked more?

So, at 5:30a I'm trying to decide whether 1/24 of a box of red velvet chocolate cake mix contains enough chocolate to poison a 35 pound dog, instead of curled up with coffee and a See's chocolate, planning my 40 minute run.

Here's some Tuesday morning math.

Box of cake mix = 18.25 oz

Tess ate 18.25/24=.76 oz

If we assume worst case scenario - the entire .76 oz was solid dark chocolate (and you and I both know that a prepackaged red velvet cake mix is a far cry from solid dark chocolate).

0.76 oz = 21.55 mg
35 pounds = 15.88 kg

Tess ate 1.36 mg/kg of cake mix, that we are calling "dark chocolate".

According to a paper I found on the internet (quality sources you know...) mild clinical signs are seen when an animal ingests 20 mg/kg of the chemical in chocolate (plus caffeine).

According to the same paper, dark chocolate contains 150 mg/oz of the "bad stuff".  (I am staying away from big words at 5am).

That means that in 0.76 oz Tess got 114 mg.

That means that Tess ate 3.26 mg/kg of bad stuff.

As that is a far cry from 20 mg/kg, I think she'll be OK.

Although, she's pretty sure she's going to die locked her in kennel in the dark bedroom.  And I don't particularly care right now.

What a failure at the "Yer Choice" game!  I'm pretty sure the synapse went "see cupcake, want cupcake", instead of the preferred - "see cupcake, want cupcake but if I wait and don't take it, she will give me something better".


  1. If it's any consolation, I can tell you that an entire Starbucks Venti Salted Caramel Mocha isn't enough to harm an 11 pound Jack Russell. And that the dog finally settled the "who has the best morning coffee" dispute between my friend and I. Her soy chai latte was untouched. ;)

  2. Where did the cupcakes come from? Why didn't I get any?

  3. Matt LOVES red velvet - but doesn't like the cream cheese frosting that usually comes on them, so I made him cupcakes (from a box of course - I am a time starved vet student after all) with whipped cream frosting last night.

    I told him when he was tired of eating them (there are 24....) that I would take the rest to school.

    ~C - I'm not used to Tess doing REALLY naughty things because she's been so closely supervised up until this point....now that she's approaching a year old, I've been allowing her more freedom and while MOST of the time she handles it just fine, apparently food motivation wins out over any reasoning power she may have gained.....I joke that she's a "problem-solving Tess" - which is GREAT for Agility and I've really encouraged......but while it can be entertaining in every day life, most of the time my laughing comes as I'm pouncing on whatever naughty activity she has planned for the object of her attention (usually some sort of stuffed animal that has been placed out of her reach in a closet/shelf/table/box etc. :)

  4. Oh, first puppyhood. You know, when Cersei started puking up FIRE ANT POISON I just kinda moseyed in the house (leaving her puking ass locked in the yard) and looked it up on the internet real quick like before I even bothered to call the vet. And then I didn't even call the vet! For future reference, should you poison some fire ants AND your dog, the LD for the most common fire ant poison is larger than their stomach can hold. Like three pounds of ant bait for a Cersei-sized dog. The more you know...

    I think it may be too late at night for me to be commenting on blogs. YAY TESS AND MATT!