Thursday, February 2, 2012

An approach to training and behavior

I came across this quote when researching behavior problems that have as their basis a medical issue:

"Regardless of the time commitment you can make and the route you want to take, it’s essential to remember that animal behavior is a science, not a religion. It’s important to learn from others but to also observe and evaluate with a scientific eye. This takes practice and generally requires actual class or book study.

Don’t do what you’ve always done just because you and others have always done it, or blindly follow someone else’s advice without being able to evaluate whether it makes sense or the outcomes are truly beneficial. Learn from everyone you can, even if you disagree with their overall approach. Always look for ways to improve, and always question whether what you are doing is really the best way, or whether there is a better way."

I STRONGLY believe in this.  This statement sums up the way I approach endurance, dog training, or anything else.  I touched on this subject when discussing the importance of "continuing education" over at Boots and Saddles.

~Quote came from this website  

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