Friday, November 18, 2011

Tess decides my trick is dumb

I did a shaping session this morning to teach Tess a new trick - putting her paw over her muzzle and eye in a "I'm so shamed" look. 

As she sat there and stared at me, and then bowed in front of me and stared, I decided to make my life easier and improve my chances of getting the behavior.

I put a piece of scotch tape on her muzzle. 

Tess was less than thrilled.  She curled her lip and then BAM, put her paw to the nose.


Click. Treat.

I did it again. 

Click. Treat.

After a couple repetitions the tape got less sticky so I put it on the table beside me and waited to see if she would offer it without the tape. 

Before I could react, Tess darted over, grabbed the tape, then chewed and swallowed as I frantically pried her mouth open and stuck my hand down her gullet. 

I guess that's what Tess thinks about me putting tape on her muzzle. 

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